Unique combination of history and individual services.

About Hotel Týnec

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Comfortable and stylish accommodation

The hotel offers eleven rooms with a total of 29 beds; another 10 beds are available if need be. Two of our rooms are suites with two bedrooms, sharing a common bathroom. Each standard room has a private bathroom with shower and toilet. Most of our rooms can be reconfigured to provide single or double beds. Free WiFi is available at our hotel, and a large garden offers space for rest and leisure.

Culture, dance and education

The historic building provides premises for dancing lessons and balls, theatre plays, concerts, weddings and company events. We can offer full service or just rental of premises for your events. The large dance hall has a capacity of 400 people. Two lounges are available for 50 persons each, and another, smaller lounge can host 20 people. We will prepare all these premises for your individual needs, including technical equipment, catering and decoration.

Unique cuisine

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The historic building housing our hotel used to be a stoneware factory, with its origins dating all the way back to 1813. Although the factory has not been preserved to date, except for its construction parts, the stoneware products made here are now displayed in the town museum. Our hotel reception also serves as a tourist information centre, offering a wealth of tips for a walk to the notable sights in the historical centre of Týnec nad Sázavou.

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